Merchant of Pickleball String Products Retail and online store specializing in Pickleball gear from leading brands. Competitive pricing. Expert knowledge. Free shipping available. Head Synthetic Gut - Blue - String Reel The Synthetic Gut from Head is a great blend of durability and playability. It is constructed from a solid nylon core (offering that longer lasting string) with a multifilament wrap to provide comfort and feel. This is a great basic string that covers all the bases for the all-around player. Gauge: 16 (130) Material Composition: Solid core nylon with multifilament wrap Colour: Blue Length: 660 feet / 200 meters 3922 shopify_CA_7152687349899 83658 new 85.00 CAD in stock 724794119150 Head 83658 Strings > Tennis > String Reel adult unisex 1.0 kg Head Lynx - Anthracite - String Reel Anthracite 16 The new and innovative Co-Polymer mixture used in this Lynx string is designed to provide a lively touch and a perfect control with added durability for an aggressive style of player. Gauge: 1.30mm/16g. A reel can string approximately 18 racquets depending variables such as string pattern, racquet size, and stringer preferences. String Construction: Monofilament Gauge: 16 (130) Colour: Anthracite Length: 660' feet (apprx. 18 racquets) 3922 shopify_CA_4437787672715 30883 new 199.00 CAD in stock 726423942290 Head 30883 Strings > Tennis > String Reel adult Anthracite 16 GaugeUS unisex 1.0 kg