All the balls we carry are USAPA approved for tournament play which means they are accepted in competitions across North America. 

There are two types of balls for Pickleball, indoor and outdoor. Indoor balls tend to be slightly lighter and have a thinner plastic. The holes in the ball are also larger in indoor balls, this leads to a softer ball feel and easier control. Typically indoor rallies last a bit longer because the balls move slower because the ball has that thin plastic making it softer so it won’t travel as fast. Outdoor balls have a thicker plastic, smaller holes, and are a bit heavier. These contribute to the ball coming off the paddle faster and harder than indoor balls. The outdoor balls have smaller holes to make them less affected by wind and the thicker plastic helps with durability. 

When it comes to durability most players will use a set of pickleballs until they break or crack. This is very common however top players will notice when balls wear out; the plastic softens over time and the ball shape can be altered from hitting so for optimal use you should likely change balls before they break. How long this takes varies on the player so there’s no set length of time, if you feel like your balls are bouncing funny or not traveling as far as usual those are good indicators of wear. 

Onix Fuse: Available in both indoor and outdoor models, Onix has put a lot of research and technology into making a great pickleball. Authentic bounce technology uses a special material to get a consistent bounce and their True Flight seamless design generates a stable path through the air and reduces chances of cracking or breaking. These have been our top selling pickleball and we’ve had excellent customer feedback, Onix is an industry leader and their pickleballs set the bar high.

Durafast 40: These outdoor pickleballs were designed by Pickleball Inc, the inventors of Pickleball as a competitive sport. They are considered to be ‘the original’ pickleball and have been used longer than anything else on the market. Their hard plastic and symmetrical holes are an industry standard and they are used for many USAPA tournaments including the US Open.

Penn 26: This ball is available in both indoor and outdoor options. The Penn ball is great for recreational play, coaching, and some tournaments where a slower ball is preferred. It is USAPA approved for tournament use but it tends to be a bit softer and slower than other balls which is why it’s great for coaching. Head has enhanced durability and visibility on this ball compared to other balls on the market.

The best way to find your favourite is to try them! Like tennis and other sports, everyone will have a preference whether it’s a firmer ball or a slower ball or a quieter ball; as long as you are using a tournament approved quality ball you will be good to go!

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